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Custom Software Solutions

Custom Software & Cloud Solutions

The CSP Development Team provides secure custom solutions for both private and Federal customers that include:

  • Enterprise Cloud Ordering Portals
  • Commercial Services Contracting Portals
  • Custom Cloud Software
  • Real-Time Data Solutions
  • Order Tracking & Reporting Systems
  • Lifecycle Services
  • FedRAMP Certified Secure Hosting

With each client, the needs are unique...and CSP is able to provide end-to-end solutions that meet those specific requirements.

Case Study:

Online Ordering Portal

CSP was contracted to develop and deploy several secure online ordering portals for the Federal Government.

Features include:

  • Secure access for approved purchasers.
  • Approved catalogs and separate logins for each bureau & line office.
  • Real-time reporting for bureau administrators.
  • Administrator portal allowing for customized data viewing & report exports.
  • Customer facing features include: Intuitive navigation, order tracking, life-cycle updates, & the ability to forward a cart to an administrator or purchasing agent.
  • 24/hour support & customer service.