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BPA imageContract Overview

Issuing Agency: National Institute of Health (NIH), Office of Acquisition Management and Policy

Type of Contract: Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA) available to all of NIH

Contract Number: HHSN263201400045B

Description: A BPA is a simplified method of filling anticipated repetitive needs for supplies or services by establishing “charge accounts” with qualified sources of supply (FAR Subpart 13.303-1). A BPA is not a guaranteed contract and may be cancelled at any time by the NIH or the vendor. The Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA) Program creates NIH-wide ordering mechanisms for the delegated community via establishment of BPAs. BPA Calls or the purchase card are used to place orders and obligate funds against the BPAs.

FAQ’s about the NIH BPA Program


What are the benefits of using a BPA?

A BPA has two benefits that assist NIH buyers:

  • Vendor discounts
  • Pre-negotiated terms and conditions
Can a government-wide commercial purchase card (purchase card) be used against a BPA?

Yes. A purchase card may be used to place an order against a BPA as long as it is accepted by the BPA holder.

Do BPA discounts apply to purchase card orders against BPAs?

Yes, the BPA discounts are to be honored whether the buyer uses a purchase card or places a BPA Call as long as the purchase card is accepted by the BPA holder.

What is the period of performance of an NIH-Wide BPA?

The NIH BPA’s period of performance is typically one year and is reviewed each year for usage, discounts, and vendor performance prior to renewal.

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